Today, Le Palais des Saveurs can rely on the expertise and dynamism of its two production sites, PACK SERVICE and LE GEL DES SAVEURS.

The investments made on the fresh department of PACK SERVICE and on the Frozen department of GEL DES SAVEURS for the last 20 years (2 million euros in 2013) reflect our ambitions and willingness to satisfy our clients with efficiency regarding :

– reactivity

– service


Each client’s demand is thoroughly assessed in regard to the cutting staff experience and the potential of the existing equipment. Specific cutting equipment can also be built. Most of the time, we elaborate personalized products for our clients to try and satisfy the demand as much as possible.

Each requirement must beforehand go through a feasibility study involving cutting and organoleptic tests.


It usually takes about one week to answer a specific demand and to send our potential client a sample and a price proposal, provided that the inquiry concerns our cheese range available from stock (20 different cheeses).

After the technical and financial validation process, each new product can go into production very quickly. Deliveries can start and be made according to our clients’ logistic wishes.

We are attentive to our clients’ requirements even when the production and quality control processes have started, so that any drift or improvement proposal might be taken into account.

Then again, our clients’ requirements are handled quickly and thoroughly. We wish to maintain close and constructive relationships with our clients, which will benefit both parties.

Service and reactivity are Le Palais des Saveurs’ main strength and allow us to satisfy new clients day after day and to work over the long term within a trustful and respectful environment with our clients.


Production sites manager

Benoît Lienart