The sales department Le Palais des Saveurs has one objective : undertake and ensure the company’s growth.

In order to do so, we offer our clients and prospects new concepts and elaborate cheese solutions.

 Our clients

Considering our particularly sensitive economic setting,  reactivity, innovation and proactivity are highly required.  We have to be a constant source of proposals to our clients  (52% of them are in trade food service, 38% in industry and 10% in collective catering).

Our cheese ranges

In order to meet our aforementioned clients’ requirements, we offer a wide range of PDO cheeses (63%), non-PDO cheeses, bio or classic cheeses, French or foreign, fresh or frozen cheeses. The way to go is to properly combine specific shapes, precise grammage and adapted packaging.

 Our innovations

In order to ensure the development, we need to constantly create new solutions. Innovation and the search for new products allow us to anticipate our future clients’ needs.

Lifestyles and consumption habits have changed drastically over the last years. Home and out-of-home catering consumption habits are becoming more and more similar. It reflects the shift away from traditional meals as well as a limited cooking time and a generally weaker home structure. That is why we have created a range of PDO, Bio and Fin Gourmet cheese platters.

The variety of the cheeses, each platter’s theme, the number of portions, a unit weight of approximately 240 to 250g for 6 items (packaging included), with a 30 days best-before date, must meet the needs for a proper « cheese platter ».

We wish to be part of a privileged convivial time by providing a cheese platter to enjoy as an aperitif. Two « aperif platters » are available, both offering a variety of cheeses, shapes and tastes meant to give pleasure.

Our exports

We are present in Danemark, Belgium, Switzerland, South Korea and Spain, and intend to develop our international trade even further. We need to be able to adapt to each country’s consumption habits and technical constraints. In order to do so, we work with a trade staff present on each continent, whose job is to promote and spread a range of famous and renowned French PDO cheeses all over the world. Our objective is to reach a 10% export turnover in the next two years to come.

We have a lot of trade possibilities because we can offer :

– different cheese typologies : French PDO, foreign, bio, fresh or frozen…
– original shapes : portions, slices, dice, chips, rolls, papillots, shavings…

– specific grammages : from 2 to 3 kgs to… 1g

– adapted packagings : from 5kgs to…50g

The production staff is able to deal with and satisfy most of the specific demands. The quality department works together with the production staff to make sure your demands are securely handled.  However, we advise you to get in touch with our trade staff beforehand, so that your requirements are fully understood and properly defined.

Our trade staff is at your disposal :

Patricia GOUPIL – Directeur Régional France Nord
Tel : –

Arnaud BLANLOEIL – Directeur Régional France Sud
Tel : –

Cédric CASSIDANIUS – Directeur Régional France Centre
Tel: –

Geoffroy DE LA ROCHE – Directeur Commercial
Tel : –

Should you wish to meet us, we will be present at the following trade fairs :

Success food 8-12 March 2014

SIAL 19-23 October 2014

SIRHA 24-28 January 2015