3 products – 3 tastes – 3 flavors : for an amazing spring

IQF 10×4 Sliced Brie Cheese

Once you have tasted it, you will be seduced by its melting texture, its particular and subtle blend of fruity aromas.

Our Brie cheese will enhance your soups, gratins and puff pastries. Even your apple tarts will enjoy it !

Why choose our IQF brie cheese slices ?

Save time : they are ready to use

Food safety : our IQF process preserves the product characteristics

They may be eaten hot or cold

The 120 grams Petit Camembert, baked in the oven

Oven baking enhances its specificity, smoothness and flavors, typical of Normandy.

We offer you a low cost hot dish which you will spice up according to your wishes and mood : thyme, mushrooms, bacon, figs, apples, dry or skewered fruits…

If you are in a hurry, just bake our Camembert in the microwave, you will enjoy it just as much !

Our Goat Cheese Pearls : 10 grams to make you melt

This cheese is both smooth and firm. Its texture will delight your taste buds.

10 grams pearls : their small size will allow you to handle quantities easily.

Our pearls may be eaten hot or cold, as appetizers or as tasty additions to your pizzas, salads or pasta

Our pearls are plain, but Le Palais des Saveurs can now offer you a new range of refined and original flavors :

pearls stuffed with orange, fig or raspberry

pearls flavored with honey or truffles

Eat our pearls with your hands, they will taste even better !