At the threshold of 2015 – Geoffroy DE LA ROCHE

At the threshold of 2015 – Geoffroy DE LA ROCHE

 There is a real potential for OOH (Out-of-home) market and consumption only needs a boost.

 It is the restaurateurs’ responsability to generate fresh impetus and to meet the consumers’ needs as best as they can.

 For traditional catering, « food balance » will remain a solid value…Le Palais des Saveurs offers a range of high quality PDO cheese plates and platters, « a concept of modernity for healthy consumption ».

 Out-of-home catering will favor the rise of healthy food habits. Le Palais des Saveurs offers regional variety for each of its PDO cheese platter, « a concept of proximity for healthy consumption ».

 Cheeses coming from Normandy : Pont L’Evêque, from Central France : Crottin de Chavignol, from Auvergne : Bleu d’Auvergne, Cantal, Fourme d’Ambert, Saint-Nectaire, from Aquitaine-Midi Pyrénées : Ossau Iraty, Roquefort, from Rhône Alpes : Fourme de Montbrison, from Savoy : Abondance, Beaufort, Reblochon, from Burgundy : Mâconnais, from Franche-Comté : Comté, Morbier, from Alsace-Lorraine : Munster, from Thiérache : Maroilles.

 Fast-food/snacking catering will benefit from eating-on-the run habits. Le Palais-des-Saveurs offers new ways to include cheese in take-away food, a concept of practicality for quick consumption.