Mozzarella di Buffala BALLS

5 g of flavors in your plate


Mozarella Di Bufala balls are at your disposal for your salads, pizzas and ready-cooked dishes.

Our Mozarella is a stretched-curd cheese made from pasteurized buffalo milk.



Here are its organoleptic characteristics :

– a snowy white color

– a soft and smooth texture

– a specific and delightful fresh taste

A Best Before Date of 365 days.

Precaution for use:

Our Mozarella Di Bufala must be stored below – 18°C

Precautions :

If you need to defrost it, we recommend that you put it in the fridge (+ 2°C – + 6°C) for 12 hours.

A thawed product must not be refrozen.

Recipe : Italian Salad

Ingredients :


3 balls of Le Palais des Saveurs Mozarella Di Bufala

3 slices of Parma ham

4 or 5 cherry tomatoes

Frisée salad

Black olives

1 tablespoon of olive oil

Choose the salad leaves carefully and wash them. Wash and cut the tomatoes in half. Arrange the salad on a plate or in a bowl, place the ham, the tomatoes and the black olives. Add the balls of Le Palais des Saveurs Mozarella Di Bufala. Pour the olive oil delicately.

It’s easy ! Enjoy it !