Cheese Cream Tacos

Cheese Cream Tacos

For 4 persons

Ingredients :

4 big tortillas

4 chicken breasts

7 potatoes

1 jar of Le Palais des Saveurs cheese cream, with the flavour of your choice : Goat or Ewe’s Blue Cheese, Camembert, Cheddar, Emmental.

Recipe :

Peel the potatoes and slice them into French fries

Cook them your own way

Cut the chicken breasts into thin strips

Cook, add salt and pepper.


Place the tortilla on the kitchen worktop

Pour the Palais des Saveurs cheese cream of your choice on top of the tortilla

Place the French fries on the tortilla. Add the chicken breast strips and pour the rest of the cheese cream.

Fold the tortilla : fold the bottom up, then fold the top up. Finally, fold in the sides : fold one side of the tortilla in toward the center, followed by the other side.

To ensure the fillings do not come spilling out, use the cheese cream as glue.

Cook in a frying pan for two minutes on each side…and enjoy !