Cold and hot tomato / mozzarella cheese

Recipe : Cold and hot tomato / mozzarella cheese

For 12 polenta cakes
20 minutes of preparation
20 minutes of cooking


500 g of peeled and dessed tomatoes
1 garlic glove
10 green olives
Olive oil
a minced yellow onion
15 cl of milk
25 cl of water
100 g of polenta
Salt and pepper
Prepare a tomatoes compotée. Minced the onions and garlic and stir fry it in olive oil until a beautiful caramelized colour. Add the tomatoes, cut in dices, salt and pepper and pour the olives. Let it cook until obtain a compotée texture.
Prepare the polenta. Bring to the boil water and milk. Pour the polenta and mix up until absorption of the liquid.
Mix up the two preparations. Pour it in muffins tin. Insert a bite of mozzarella in each muffin tin. Let it in a fridge during one hour. Unmould the preparation and warm the muffins in a oven (10 to 15 minutes) or a microwave (2 minutes). Taste it without wait !