Le Palais des Saveurs has two production sites, one dedicated to cheese cutting and the other one dedicated to packaging :

PACK SERVICE for fresh products

GEL DES SAVEURS for frozen goods


In both cases, packaging is both manual and automated. That is how we can we guarantee an efficient finished product control.

Our two production sites are ruled by two main principles : reactivity and flexibility.

Reactivity: We draw up a daily production planning  according to the orders placed by the clients.

We deal with the orders as quickly as we can to enable them to be sent, most of the time,  24 hours after having been received by the cutting department.

Flexibility : thanks to our ability to work simultaneously on a wide range of cutting processes, we ensure a various production and quantity offer.

Furthermore, our ability to work for three eight-hour shifts a day, allows us to deal with high quantities – for specific production lines- according to the clients’ needs.

The evolution and adaptation of the production sites are a constant priority for Le Palais  des Saveurs, whose goal is to meet its clients’ expectations as best as possible.


Céline Fouvet

Production manager