Pears poached in sweet wine and roquefort heart

Recipe : Pears poached in sweet wine and roquefort heart

For 4 people
20 minutes of preparation
20 minutes of cooking

4 pears
12 fine bacon slices
1 bottle of sweet wine
150 g of mixed roquefort Le Palais des Saveurs

Preheat your oven to 230°C.

Peal the pears and cut in two parts keeping the tail and remove the core and pips. Poach the pears in the wine during 10 minutes.
Remove the pears and stuff it with mixed roquefort. Well close the two pears parts and film it with the bacon slices.
Put it in the oven and let the bacon grill and be well done. Remove the dish from the oven and serve it immediately.

THE THING IN MORE : You can let the wine reduice after the poaching and use it like a vinaigrette base. You can present the pears with a salad, some nuts and this original vinaigrette.

THE ADVICE : Paid attention to weel gather both parts of pears or you will lose your cheese during the cooking in the oen.

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