Smoked cheese lolipops like a raclette

RECIPE : Smoked cheese lolipops like a raclette


450 g of potatoes

150 g of smoked cheese in little dices « Le Palais des Saveurs »

5 thin slices of cured ham

2 eggs

A flour bowl

A bread-crumbs bowl (50% bread-crumbs / 50% polenta)

Salt and pepper

Sunflower oil


Cook the potatoes in boiling water and mash the potatoes with 100 g of smoked cheese. Well mix. Cut the cured ham in strips and roll it, cut in sections.
Take 15 g of mashed potatoes, form a ball with it and insert the cured ham strips and a nugget of smoked cheese. Well close the ball.
Do the same with all the mashed potatoes until exhaustion of ingredients.
Break the eggs in a bowl, beat it, add salt and pepper. Soak successively each ball (prepared just before) into flour, then eggs and then breadcrumbs mixed with polenta.
Heat the oil at 180°c, plunge the coated balls during 30 seconds on each side and table it on a paper towel and add salt. Stick it on a skewer in each ball and serve it without wait.

présentation sucettes fromage fumé raclette jambon cru (1)


THE THING IN MORE : Paid attention to very well close your balls or the cheese will escape at the frying step.

ADVICE : This recipe is ideal to prepare an original aperitif if you have some raclette of the day before for example. You can vary the charcuterie and the cheese which you use. Served with a salad, this recipe can make a starter.