The IQF to Palais des Saveurs

Since almost 25 years, the Palace of the flavors proposes probably the widest range of cheeses cut of the market. The range still grew rich there is decade with frozen products.

The implementation of this range was possible thanks to the technology of deep-freezing IQF.

This technological innovation allows us a modern approach to the marketing of the cheese while keeping the soul of our company in the distribution of product of European and French character of the various countries and while promoting at the most cheeses AOP.

The organoleptic qualities of products are entirely kept and the finest of the gourmets will not make the difference between the same soft white cheese and frozen IQF.

And nevertheless, differences there are, and the advantages :

An ease of preservation of fragile pastas (soft and sprinkled with parsley pastas)

A very long life expectancy of the product (until 18 months of DLUO)

An easy portionage (punnet and reclosable bag for the RHF)

An appropriate dosage (passage in machine without collage) slices and finer portions (ex: French blue-veined cheese of Ambert 15g in quarter moon)

A saving of time in the use and the implementation

A safety for the preservation of the quality and in particular for the big export

These differences are going to allow the restaurant owner or the industrialist a significant improvement in the management of the material and the bigger control of the costs.

Our range of frozen cheeses IQF, benefits from the respect for the same statutory bacteriological standards as our range cool and allows to integrate do not matter.