L’orfèvre du Fromage

logoAfter more than 20 years, our brand has achieved expertise and become “L’Orfèvre du Fromage”

The quality of our raw materials, our creativity and precision regarding shapes and weights are the answers to your needs. Our raw materials include 22 PDO cheeses (Comté, Morbier, Reblochon…) which qualities and flavors are preserved during the cutting process.
You can discover our creativity through our various ranges and innovations. Our constant wish is to make sure you will want to work more and more with us with each passing day.
The precision of our shapes and weights answers your needs for an effective management of both fresh and frozen products.

Our priority is our commitment to quality and to our clients. Our signature « L’Orfèvre du Fromage » is the link between our brand and you.





Slices, dice, shreds, juliennes, crumbled cheeses, chiffonade.
We offer a wide range of fresh and frozen rich flavors, adapted to the needs of food service and industry.