Tome au bleu



  • A food of grassland of high quality on the natural reserve of volcanoes
  • A selective collection of milk of mountain
  • A knowledge of the veined cheeses in the cradle of “Bleu de Laqueuille” from the whole milk
  • A minimum refining of 2 months to obtain fruity aromas while protecting a sweetness and a flexibility of dough


Recipe :

Sweet / salty cream slice in the mango and “Tome au bleu”


  • 1 Mango
  • 200 g of “Tome au bleu”
  • 1 slice of bread of spice
  • 2 slices of cured ham


By means of a mandolin, cut fine slices of mango and gingerbread, approximately 3 mm in thickness. Get away slices of “Tome au bleu” of approximately 6 mm.

Cut then the mango, the gingerbread, “Tome au bleu”, as well as the cured ham in squares of 3 cms.

Stack a slice of 3Tome”, ham, mango, ham and renew the operation. Slide a square of gingerbread below and maintain the whole with a spade.



The fruity aromas of “Tome” get married perfectly to the mango, and the gingerbread enriches the taste of the cheese and the ham.