Client interview : Mr. Le Costaouëc « Geldelis »

PDS : Could you give us a brief presentation of your company ?

– 1994 : Acquisition of the plant by the J.DIS group and creation of the GELDELIS company
– 1995 : First investment program in production material and frozen food storage facilities
– 2003 : ISO 9001 certification – version 2000
– 2008 : Increase of the production and storage premises by 1500 m2. IFS and BRC certification. Launching of  a new range of microwavable quiches and tarts during the SIAL Trade Show, allowing the company to reach the retail market.
– 2010 : Renewal of our IFS certification (high level) and BRC (A grade).

The J.DIS group is a family holding composed of regional companies specialized in animal feed and local crop production (TERDICI brand), as well as peri-urban garden centers (LYSADIS).

The consolidated turnover amounts to 80 million euros.

Our main focus : high-quality products ( 50% out-of-home food)

Our products :

Mini snacks assortments
Individual salted tarts
Salted tarts to share
Salted clafoutis
Pastry bases
Traditional regional products

Our clients : Accord, Sodexo…

Our company in figures :
54 employees
A turnover of 10 millions euros
18% growth in 2017 and a goal of 18% for 2018

PDS : We have been working together on several products. What do you think of us so far ?

HLC : We have been working together for more than 10 years now and you have always provided us with very high-quality custom-made products.

You keep on expanding your product line and it is a source of inspiration to develop our own products.

PDS : What are the reasons why you wish to keep working with us ?

HLC : Because of the diversity of your products, your responsiveness, the extension of your product line, your innovation skills…These are the reasons why we appreciate your work and enjoy our partnership

PDS : Any wish to change suppliers ?

HLC : You offer a wide range of products, your team works fast and efficiently (in every department – quality, orders, sales), so naturally we are happy to carry on working with you.

PDS : We try to stay innovative and to increase our product range. Does it help you develop your own products ?

HLC : Your product line extension is a source for new recipe ideas. Your IQF range of products is your best asset and a great potential for us.

Your packaging designs meet the needs of manufacturers and your cutting processes are always of high quality.

PDS : In the event of a problem (if ever there was any!), do you feel we have managed to be responsive and to meet your expectations ?

HLC : It happened, but you have always handled the situation thorougly and efficiently dealt with the product return, which has always enabled us to find a common agreement and to work in a trustworthy environment, even in case of a problem.

PDS : Do you have any suggestions to develop our partnership further ?

HLC : Stay innovative and responsive while preserving the quality of your products. It is what matters most to us !

PDS : Is there anything you would like to suggest for the 25 years to come ?

HLC : A great future ! More and more innovation and above all, products suited to our needs to allow us to move forward together !

Happy birthday to the Palais des Saveurs !


Deputy Purchasing Director at GELDELIS