Cutting of Comté: Our savoir-faire

The Comté allows all type of creative initiatives thanks to its flexible and easy-to-work texture.

For surprising, tonic and delicious agreements!

Due to its know-how, Le palais des Saveurs proposes you several cuts to satisfy your hot expectations as cold:

 Comté 10 months wedges for a mastered management             Comté pointe minides jul 5322

  Comté 6 months julienne for a new presentation   Comté pointe minides jul 5322

Comté 6 months shavings for a touch of originality      Comté pointe minides jul 5322

Comté 4 months minidice for the generosity of your dishes      Comté pointe minides jul 5322


A packaging adapted to every use.

The County, an unpasteurized milk cheese with cooked dough in a hurry (dough pressed), AOC (PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN) in 1958, AOP in 1996.

A cheese rich in phosphor, calcium, mineral salts and proteins, essential for balanced-diet, little salted balance, containing no additive nor coloring.

Every day, the County is developed in the fruiterers (cheese dairies). 400L of cow’s milk French Montbéliarde or Simmental only to realise a grindstone of 40kg

To take its taste, the County takes its time! A minimum refining from 4 months to 18 months even 24 months.

It is characterized by its surprising rich aroma coming from its micro-region of origin, the season, cheese maker savoir-faire, and the cellar where it is refined.

Its aromatic pallet is so wide that it harmonizes.