Flammekueche with Comté, confied onions and duck lardons

Recipe :

Flammekueche with Comté, confied onions and duck lardons

For 4 people

20 minutes of preparation

1 hour of rest

10 minutes of cooking



200 g of duck filets cuts in lardons

200 g of Comté in slices Le Palais Des Saveurs


Flammekueche dough

125 g of flour

50 g of water

2 g of salt

12 g of olive oil

2 g of baker’s yeast


Flammekueche preparation

150 g of minced yellow onions

150 g of minced red onions

1 teaspoon of nutmeg

50 g of butter

One yolk



For the flammekueche dough, mix all the different ingredients gradually until it will be uniform. Let it rest in a fridge for one hour. Preheat the oven at 390° F. Sweat the two onions, without coloration, until they are tender. Add the duck lardons, then the cream and the nut meg. Reserve it in the fridge. When it will be cold, you will add an egg yolk. Spread the flammekueche paste and spread on it the onions preparation. Pay attention to let half an-inch of free at the edge of the tart.

Distribute the Comté slices on the tart. Bake it in the oven during 8 minutes.

Add some salads shooters and serve it quickly, really hot

THE THING IN MORE : If you run out of time, you can buy a « ready-to-bake » pie crust. Useless to tell you that the result will be better if you realize your dough.

THE ADVICE : This recipe, direct from Alsace, will warm you in this wintry period. The original recipe takes here Franche-Comté flavors. Feel free to serve it with some originals salads shooters, beets shoots for example. To change of green salad. The nutritionnal aspect ; served with raw vegetables, this dish is complete and well balanced.