Client interview : Stéphane Valet « La Mie Câline »

Client interview : Stéphane Valet « La Mie Câline »

PDS : Could you give us a brief presentation of your company ?

SV : It was created in 1850. In 1985, André Barreteau decided upon opening a subsidiary in Vendée. This was the beginning of La Mie Câline. Today, it includes 240 branches, 2200 franchisees in France and 300 to 400 product references. We wish to reach 300 branches by 2020.


PDS : We have been working together on several products. What do you think of us so far ?

SV : Le Palais des saveurs’keywords are Service – Flexibility – Responsiveness. We know we will always get a quick answer, whatever our request – even on Fridays !


PDS : What are the reasons you wish to keep working with us ?

SV : Because of the quality and nobility of your products all year long. Because of your ability to adapt  to a client who may be demanding ! We also greatly appreciate the way you interact with your clients, in terms of human relationships. It is another reason why we enjoy working with you.

None of us is rigid, we both listen to one another, share the same values, that is why our business partnership keeps thriving.


PDS : Any wish to change suppliers ?

SV : Why ? Regarding manufacturing, your packaging and cutting options perfectly meet our needs. Your small packagings are adapted to small food-service stores (Parmesan petals, Comté 150g).


PDS : We try to stay innovative and to increase our product range. Does it help you develop your own products ?

SV :Indeed, it works both ways : your product line extension is a source for new ideas. As for us, we provide you with new ideas when asking you to meet our special requests.


PDS : In the event of a problem (if ever there was any!), do you feel we have managed to be responsive and to meet your expectations ?

SV : It happened on rare occasions, but your quality department has always dealt with any issues – however specific – both swifltly and effectively. The way you control your products on the entire food chain guarantees how much you care about quality.


PDS : Do you have any suggestions to develop our partnership further ?

SV : Innovation is the keyword : an ongoing business relationship is based on creativity. Prices also need to be taken into account because they might harm clients’interests, but quality is the key factor.


PDS : Is there anything you would like to suggest for the 25 years to come ?

SV : Continue to grow and prosper without losing your human skills and service quality which are essential to us. Happy birthday to the Palais des Saveurs !

Stéphane Valet

Industrial Purchasing Manager and Network Manager at « La Mie Câline »